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Takdir Illahi
tanda kasihnya allah
Cobalah fahami musibah sebagai bentuk teguran halus Alloh SWT kpd kita.. Supaya kita jauh lebih dekat dan makin dekat lg dgn Yg Maha Kuasa Setiap sakit adalah ujian kecuali tua dan mati. Apabila tiba masa sakit itu akan sembuh, maka sembuhlah ia. Berusaha mengubatinya adalah dituntut oleh syarak, menyembuhkannya adalah ditentukan oleh Rabbul Izatti. Sakit adalah keperluan bagi kehidupan, tanpa sakit atau sihat sentiasa kehidupan menjadi tidak meriah kerana tidak pernah ada beza dengan sakit, begitulah sebaliknya bila sentiasa sakit atau tidak sihat memanjang, hidup ini akan dipenuhi dengan rungutan semata-mata. Jarang manusia dapat bersabar menanggung kesakitan seperti Nabi Ayub a.s.

part One

Oh how did that happen?! I just woke; moments ago but it is more like twenty minutes or something like that . . . I am a litttle foggy darling seeing the daylight when it was close on 2.30am when I finally retired last night after a full-on briefing about an ACA seminar which was some 3 hours long! There were so many things and it was like a river; bursting it's banks ....no stopping it! Anyway here I am; albeit a little blah and the worse for wear having diverted my sleep pattern in favour of .... BRB!!!!!!!!!. . . .sorry about that ~ breakfast in the form of coffee, and toast arriving put an end to my convo and I've just had one of those unavoidable interruptions and I do beg your pardon! Where was I?! Oh the night spent talking or should I say, having a wrap party ~ without the party! Still, it made for an intense and very vivid chat and I was able to enter into some of this particular kind of passion due to my own experience when I was a young thing; with all things... (more)

Ego Suicide
Robin Williams
(and other things)

There is a divided culture surrounding suicide which are on polar opposites of each other. On one side you have those who romanticize. They make it about a tortured fragile soul and can no longer deal with the burden of suffering alone. On the other side you have those who condemn. They call suicides selfish and the refer to the deceased as cowards. To me, these are both generalizations from people who didn't know or didn't care about it until it actually happened and now they ban together to get Robin Williams films on the best sellers list on Amazon. The truth is that no one will ever know what was going through his head just as they will never know what is going through anyone's head when they commit suicide. What is known is that all cases are different and unique. Making blanket statements about a situation we will never fully understand helps as much as throwing a bucket of ice water over your head helps the victims of ALS. Sure, it's a good idea to raise awareness and to... (more)

my blog
Commonly used methods to prevent failure of cone Crusher
cone Crusher high output, fine particle size, particle shape, well received by users. But in practice, due to the harsh conditions of production, materials, processes, parts, aging and the impact of human factors, various inevitable failure of hpc cone crusher. Here for everyone to resolve common faults and corresponding methods of prevention. 1. Controlled temperature at work, cone Crusher parts temperature has its own normal range. Beyond this range, parts will be damaged. Therefore, in the crusher, an overload to prevent low temperatures, low temperature preheating, reach the required temperature before you work; the second to prevent operation at high temperatures, always check the temperature on a table of values, find the problem immediately stop check, troubleshooting. 2. Reduce the influence of the cone crusher impurity cone Crusher during use will be subject to dirt, dust and other non-metallic impurities in the material, as well as mechanical metal material... (more)

From Ewe to You
doc visit

reveals my ribs are broken so healing will take a bit more time. I went out to dinner with friends last night and we had a laugh about all of this. It was amazing how many "broken jokes" can come up in casual conversation when one can only laugh cautiously because of pain in one's side. <smile>My hand is still in a brace so I am limited in movement for my work. I might try to do some spindle spinning today. It will take the use of both hands but a small spindle might not be too heavy to hold or I could park and draft with it.Spin happy and knit without fear!

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